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Configure your window dimensions

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Customise Your Overall Height


Your height can be from {{minimumValidHeight}}mm - {{maximumValidHeight}}mm

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Enter Width For Each Window


Your Width can be from {{minimumValidWidth}}mm - {{maximumValidWidth}}mm

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Enter Each Window Angle


Your Angle can be from {{minimumValidAngle}}° - {{maximumValidAngle}}°

Your Angle is set to 90°

Section 4

Additional Requirements

You can have between 1 and 100 fixing straps.

Window Configuration

Select Your Required Window Style For Each Side

Please Select Your Window Design Method!

Universal Design Method

The Universal Design Method is the quickest method and will automatically keep your sections as consistent as possible. By selecting a frame colour, handle colour and glass unit for one window, it will automatically be applied to all other sections where it is possible.

Individual Design Method

The Individual Design Method means you will be able to design the individual window of your bay window which means you can achieve a more distinct appearance. The Individual design method will allow you to select different external frame colours, handle colours and glass for the different windows.

Design Method: {{designDetails['windowDesignMethod']}} Design Method

M = Main window, the one that you would open first.

F = Fire escape windows.

E = Easy to clean hinges.

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Bay Window Review

Bay Shape:
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Bay Pole
Baypole Jack
Left Frame Packer
Right Frame Packer
Top Frame Packer
Bottom Frame Packer
Fixing Straps
Casement Style

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{{checklist[key]['width']}}mm x {{checklist['height']}}
Window Style
External Frame Colour
Internal Frame Colour
Profile Type
Profile Style
Trickle Vents
Child Restrictors
Additional Shootbolts
Handle Colour
Hinge Type
{{checklist[key]['hardwareInformation']['hingeType'] | hyphenless}}
Transom Casement 1
{{checklist[key]['finiteInformation']['transom']['casement 1']['value']}}mm
Transom Casement 2
{{checklist[key]['finiteInformation']['transom']['casement 2']['value']}}mm
Mullion Casement 1
{{checklist[key]['finiteInformation']['mullion']['casement 1']['value']}}mm
Mullion Casement 2
{{checklist[key]['finiteInformation']['mullion']['casement 2']['value']}}mm
Mullion Casement 3
{{checklist[key]['finiteInformation']['mullion']['casement 3']['value']}}mm
Mullion Casement 4
{{checklist[key]['finiteInformation']['mullion']['casement 4']['value']}}mm
Window Glass
Window Toughness
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