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{{hubWidth}}mm {{hubHeight}}mm {{hubLeftWidth}}mm {{hubRightWidth}}mm {{hubDoorWidth}}mm Radius = {{hubRadius}}mm Spring = {{hubSpring}}mm {{hubDoorHeight}}mm {{hubMidrailHeight}}mm {{hubRemainingHeight}}mm

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Please enter the width and height of your frame in the fields below. This should be your overall width and height including cills and frame packers.


Your width can be between {{minWidth}}mm and {{maxWidth}}mm.


Your height can be between {{minHeight}}mm and {{maxHeight}}mm.


Your door width can be between {{minDoorWidth}}mm and {{maxDoorWidth}}mm.

Arch Type Selection

Windows Plus Online arch doors have evolved in the 21st century. With our designer there is no need for messy calculations, templates or time consuming measurements as we do all the math for you. Follow the instructions below and we will have your arch door calculated instantly.

True Arch

True Arch Door

A popular choice due to the rounded look a true arch gives a door. It is achieved by having the height of the curve equal to half the width of frame. It provides a more proportional look to your uPVC Arch Door. Click on the door and you will see that your arch radius is exactly half your frame width.

I want a true arch door >

Your Arch Radius is {{radius}}mm!

From the width that you entered previously we have been able to calculate your radius

Templated Arch

Templated Arch Door

A good choice those who are looking for something that is a little difference. In a templated arch the height of the arch is not equal to half the width. This difference in height is what gives the templated arch a unique look. Click on the door to enter your spring height and we will show you your radius.

I want a templated arch door >

Your height can be between 150mm and {{maxSpringHeight}}mm.

Your Arch Radius is {{radius}}mm!

From the width and spring height that you entered we have been able to calculate your radius.


Panel Design: {{selectedDoorFamily !== '' ? selectedDoorFamily: '' | hyphenless }}

Each door family contains a variety of different patterned glass options. Choose one which best suits your home and preference.

Due to a change in the dimensions, the door that was previously selected is no longer available. Please select a new door or adjust your dimensions so that your previous selected door becomes available again.


Your height can be between {{minMidrailHeight}}mm and {{maxMidrailHeight}}mm.

Door Family


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Door Style


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Choose from a selection of additional features for your doors: frame packers, thresholds, cills, and half panels.

Please not that you can only have openers if you have a side panel and half panels if you have selected a frame with a midrail.


You can choose from a solid, woodgrain or artisan colour for your uPVC Stable Door to perfectly match your home.

Hardware Upgrades

Upgrade your uPVC Arch Door with a variety of options including handle and hinge colour, letterbox, knockers and knock-ons.


Finalise your door with glass chosen from our complete range. Our glass comes in a variety of styles including clear, satin and stippolyte and to further customise it choose from georgian and vertical bars or diamond and square lead. All glass comes argon gas filled as standard.


Approximate Center of the Mullion Width:
Approximate Center of the Transom Height:
Arch Type:
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Left Frame Packer:
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Bottom Frame Packer:
Half Panels:
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Internal Beading:
External Colour:
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Internal Colour:
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Handle Colour:
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Hinge Colour:
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Door Glass Information
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Extra Glass Information
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