Windows Plus Online



Windows Plus Online is an Environmentally friendly company.

Windows Plus Online has a long-standing record of keeping the environment in mind at all stages throughout the manufacturing process, and is actively working towards a zero carbon foot print.

It is well known that 20% of heat is lost through windows if they are not constructed in the correct manner, which is why Windows Plus Online manufacturing is ISO14001 accredited to make sure the construction of all products is the most efficient and constant in all its processes. Not only bringing quality but also lowering factors towards the environment. Once the windows are installed into a property using the A Rated or low u-value this then bring benefits again to the environment by reducing the carbon foot print of the property they are installed into, and increasing the EPC rating.

UPVC, it is not well known that a upvc window is fully recyclable. Windows Plus Online manufacturing recycles 100% of its off cuts from the manufacturing process. The materials recycled are used to produce items that can reused within the industry including the RCM reinforcing, and can be used in different industries to produce items like garden furniture.

Aluminium, unlike uPVC it is well known to be fully recyclable. Windows Plus Online manufacturing recycles 100% of its aluminium by collecting all of cuts and storing a volume, which is then donated to a local charity to raise funds via an environmentally friendly reprocessing plant.

Wood, there is much discussion on the recyclability of wood. has overcome this in a number of ways. Offcuts of wood are given to local companies and schools. For example, some of the wood is used to produce planters and bird boxes. Another example, the seasoned wood heats the factory in a smokeless environmentally friendly heating system via wood waste technology. If you are a commercial based company please join in helping the environment in your heating implementation for more information visit

The majority of a window is glass. Windows Plus Online optimizes the cutting of sheet glass leaving a wastage of around 6%. Plate glass is harder than bottle glass, because of this it was found very difficult to be recycled into glass. A solution that meant 100% of offcucts could be recycled was by the glass being crushed and used for arrogate for hard standing and road ways.

Stationery and packaging, Windows Plus Online is a near perfect paperless factory environment, with 100 % of the cardboard, paper and wrapping plastics being sent for reprocessing to be reused for future packaging.

Windows Plus Online estimates that the total waste generated throughout the company is around 3%. There has been lots of schemes to achieve this, and the workforce is encouraged to actively be evolved in caring for the environment.