AluK Bi-Folding Door Designer

Bringing The Outside In.

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Viewed from outside

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Enter the overall width and height of your AluK Bi-Folding Door in millimeters.


Your width can be from 1800mm - 6500mm


Your height can be from 1900mm - 2400mm

Each Bi-Folding Door can come in a variety of styles, all opening in different ways. The arrows point towards the hinges and the way each leaf will fold.

Please look at the aerial view for a better understanding.

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With over 200 RAL colours to choose from, you can choose a colour to suit your home perfectly hello.

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Jet Black
Pure white
Anthracite Grey
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Customise your hardware by choosing a colour to suit your door, change the colour of the your handles and hinges.

Please note, handle and hinge colour changes are not reflected on the image display.

You can have between 1 and 100 fixing straps.

Finalise your door with glass. Choose between Standard 28mm A Rated Toughened Glass and Standard 28mm A Rated Laminated Outer/Toughened Inner.

Fold Pattern
Stacking Direction
Primary Door
Assembly Type
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External Frame Colour
Internal Frame Colour
Handle Colour:
Hinge Colour:
Thumb Turn:
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Barrel Type:
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Left Frame Packer
Right Frame Packer
Top Frame Packer
Bottom Frame Packer
Trickle Vent
Fixing Straps
Door Glass:

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