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Last updated: 5th May 2021


You can use this table of contents to move through our security commitment and find exactly what you are looking for. Click a section and we will take you straight there.

Our pledge

Windows Plus Online know that the security of our customers data is extremely important to them. This is why we are constantly adding new security features, improving our existing features, and auditing to find any weaknesses to ensure our customer's data is safe.

Security encryption

Windows Plus Online take security very seriously. This is why every page found on is served with SSL encryption. SSL ensures any information entered and transferred across the web is encrypted. This means that anyone who tries to intercept the data will only see a garbled mix of characters that is nearly impossible to decrypt.

Every page matters

Windows Plus Online have made it safe and easy to design and purchase products for your renovation project. Our security starts the moment you look at any page, and unlike some e-commerce platforms focus, where the security measures are targeted at just the payment gateway. Our development team have worked hard to secure every other page you could visit on our site.

The padlock

The padlock image shows that details on the page are encrypted using SSL. Clicking the padlock will show you the SSL certificate and that your connection is secure. If you can’t see a padlock on any page, make sure the URL starts with ‘HTTPS’ and does not start with ‘HTTP’. This also means that your connection is secure.

Secure payment methods

We know how unnerving it can be entering your card information into a website. This is why Windows Plus Online do not store or see your card information in anyway. Our payment gateway is hosted on an external secure server by security experts at Lloyds bank.

Secure storage

Windows Plus Online use sophisticated salt and hashing methods to securely store your sensitive information. What this means is that no-one can understand the information entered apart from you. This is why our security team are unable to tell you your password if you’ve forgotten it. They simply cannot decrypt the data to see your password.