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About Windows Plus Online

Windows Plus Online is part of the Coventry Windows Plus Ltd Group based in Coventry.

Coventry Windows Plus Ltd as a group has been producing windows and doors since it was established in 2003. Its main sector within the group is Windows Plus who have a national reputation for being a quality manufacturer of windows and doors in the glazing sector.

The majority of our products are manufactured in our 20,000 ft2 facility in Coventry, and our smaller facilities in and around the local area, all within the UK.

Windows Plus Online runs an open house policy. You are more than welcome to book a free factory tour where you will be shown the process of manufacturing windows and doors using the most advanced levels of technology available in the production in the UK. The technology not only makes sure there is consistency in our high quality items we produce, but also offers live time production management within the factory, which means regular updates of the customer's project within points of production, making the journey of the customer's current items being produced, from the point of order to delivery seamless.

The History of the Development of Windows Plus Online

In 2013 a request was made by one our national purchasers asking if Windows Plus could offer an ordering system online to help with their ordering process. There are a number of systems that provide options via external sources which are still used to this day by the majority of suppliers, but none of the online ordering websites were how Windows Plus would expect to service their customers, looking for a system able to give an instant price in a simplistic way. Most systems either need to contact you to provide a quotation, or would let you design your items to then inform you that you could not have the product without giving you the option of how to overcome the design problem.

In early 2014 the decision was made within the group to start to offer Windows Plus’s services via an online system that would meet the customer's needs, and be developed with simplicity in mind at all times, live pricing and design options available within the size specifications given, and to guide through the process with all of these key objectives taken into account.

After months of market research, and speaking with customers having various requirements, the variables within the industry were endless and new products being launched regularly. The findings were that this website would need to be started from scratch with a collaboration of web designers, factory estimators, technical processors, factory production, and logistics would all need to part of the design process, and all elements taken into account at all points of the development of the website.

When the initial design of the website started to be worked on, it was discovered really quickly this was not an easy task to bring all the elements and knowledge together in the simplest way, and why most websites let you complete your design and then tell you that you cannot have it, instead of informing you as part of the design process, and only giving you the options that were to your specification of size. Live pricing was an impossible task due to regulations and requirements.

By 2016 there were numerous websites developed and failed, until a final design was agreed, and the functions of how the site was to work. The next task was then to work out all of the specific limitations to a product, and how to display these. It was decided that aluminium bi-fold doors would be chosen to be developed first as this seemed to have the least number of variables, how wrong was that decision? There were endless variables from colour, to the direction of opening, the glass specification, and the sizes of each of these to relate to. In 2018 this was completed and testing within the factory estimators commenced. Many faults were soon found, a steep learning curve came until the final part of the site was agreed. Once this was fully working the benefits were soon seen, and the many years of time and investment had been worth it.

The decision was then made not to launch the site with only one part, but to continue investment so that the majority of common products would all be available. Between 2018 and 2021, mathematicians of the highest calibre helped to calculate how to work out the functions for the arch door new age non template design, bay and bow windows, calculations for parameters for all of the products you can currently find on our website, and the future products that we will be continually adding. Part of the process also required the factory integration using a new system which needed to be developed in a way that either system could interact in live time with each other. Again, there were no systems available so a mixture of a crm and erp system were developed and named the SPD (Sales Production Delivery) system was created. The SPD system is so highly advanced under technological terms that it was accepted by the UK Government under the research and development scheme.

So, in essence you can be assured that the windows and doors required for your project, from the point of ordering, through manufacture and to delivery is completed by the most cutting-edge systems and machinery, giving you confidence that your products will be of the highest quality.

What Makes Us Different and Helps You

Windows Plus Online know that trickle vents can be hard work to install, from our knowledge Windows Plus is the only Company in the UK that has a system in place to make this easy. A mark is placed in exactly the correct position for you to place a screw in the location position for the trickle vent, ensuring the location is perfect and straight, this reduces the time to seconds for installation.

Windows Plus Online has unique transportation hinge cover protection caps for transportation of doors, made from a fully recyclable material, as part of the highest quality supply of goods.

Windows Plus Online follow the old techniques of hand finishing every item making sure that the product is to the highest quality, not a machine finish as almost all online window fabrication companies do, keeping the quality second to none.

Windows Plus Online uses only specified and tested hardware, this guarantees quality throughout, and thought is taken into account to make sure all hardware used is not only the most robust, but also fitter friendly.

Why Choose Us

  • We have been manufacturing for over 18 years
  • All operations are based in Coventry & Nuneaton
  • Unique designing tool helping you with your orders
  • Simple process with support all the way through your journey
  • Highly recommended, as can be seen by our reviews
  • Secure website and payment options, finance available
  • 99% target achieved on all deliveries for accuracy and timeframe
  • Only high quality products are used, and are guaranteed
  • Everything you need for your project in one place
  • We can help you find a qualified installer should you require one

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