Bi-Folding Door
Hardware Specification

Windows Plus Online has spent many years working closely with national UK hardware suppliers to achieve a finish that gave the quality and consistency across the hardware range. The attention to the finer details such as colour, style and finish is vital for creating a unified aesthetic.

The Fab & Fix range supplied by ERA hardware ticked all the boxes, not only for the hardware being pleasing to the eye with consistent features, but the Hardex coating which is a anti scratch on the Fab & Fix range is a process that takes meticulous preparation of the surface of the material, followed by a complex series of chemical baths with each submersion calculated to the second once the item is ready for the final Hardex finish to be applied. After this there is a curing period in high temperatures.

The process from start to finish takes over 24hrs per item. Windows Plus Online understands there is a lot of effort for the manufacture of hardware but the end result is well worth it. AluK bi-fold doors have a unique flush line pop in and out handle and hinges the handle and hinges are profile specific and is available in white, black or chrome.

Satin Chrome

Choice of colours

Main Handles

Using the finish described makes a large range of colours available. You will find on the designer white, black, chrome, satin chrome, graphite, gold and bronze.

Pop Out Handles

The pop out handles, which are placed on the secondary panes, will match the hinge colour selected.


Windows Plus Online offers white, black and satin chrome hinge colours.

Trickle Vents

There has been much discussion in regards to trickle vents. A trickle vent is a product that was designed to accommodate the movement of air flow within a property and will remove polluted air using positive and negative air pressure. The vent when fully open removes the moist air which causes damp, this is due to it being lighter than dry air, allowing it to escape from the property and be replaced with dry air which is not only good for the property but also humans.

When used correctly trickle vents do not contribute to heat loss, if anything they make the atmosphere more appealing. Windows Plus Online uses the 2500mm2 as BS13414-1:2004 as standard, which has an overall length of 400mm.

Windows Plus Online can offer acoustic trickle vents but does not recommend them as they are not only very expensive but are also very bulky in size, and take away from the sleek design of the window. Windows Plus Online recommends an Acoustic controllable wall vent available at most electrical suppliers.

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Below you will find the technical documentation which relates to the trickle vents specification.

Mechanical Parts

Aluminium bi-fold doors have a number of mechanical parts, most of the mechanical parts are supplied by AluK and have been designed specifically for the bi-fold door. This includes the four stainless steel rollers for the bottom sashes to ensure smooth and consistent operation. The unique flush line pop in and out handles, the hinges that allow the door to swing open. For the main handle we use the Fab & Fix range so to match with the rest of your order. All mechanical parts supplied via the AluK range have been tested to a Pas 24 standard.

Door handle

The door handle is from the Balmoral range, and is a classic design. It is manufactured from solid die cast zinc with a heavy duty integrated spring cassette combining this with the spring within the lock, you get the position spring back you would expect from a quality manufactured door. The handle design itself is a sculpted ergonomic lever with a low friction nylon bush, making it easy to grip with a smooth clean action. The screws that are visible on the inside of the door are colour coordinated, again, bringing the sense of quality throughout. The handles have been corrosion tested to meet the requirements of BS EN 1670:2007 grade 5 (480 hours), with an endurance test of 200,000, as with the hinges in normal use this will last over 91 years.

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Below you will find the technical documentation which relates to the door handle specification.

Holding Magnets

All Windows Plus Online Bi-Folding doors come with a magnet holder which is fitted to the top of the independantly hinging lead door and the first sliding leaf. This holds the door fully back when the door is opened, stopping any damage from the wind, and any injuries from doors shutting on people.

Mechanical parts (cont.)


Barrels have a few options. The standard barrel is from ERA. Windows Plus Online used the highest pin point of security of six hardened pins in relation to key location point. The barrel is also anti-pick anti-drill. The barrel requires to be unlocked with a key, and until the key is put back in to lock the door, the door can be opened from both inside and outside. The Barrels are supplied with 3 keys and are available in brass and nickel, which is colour coordinated to suit your hardware. For example if a chrome handle is chosen a nickel barrel will be fitted. The barrels are corrosion resistance to BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 3 and are manufactured from solid brass or nickel plated brass.

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Anti Bump Barrels

Windows Plus Online if requested install and ERA 3 Star Anti Snap Barrel. The Anti bump barrels are recognised because they are dual colour and have a key with a red finger grip section. As with the standard barrel the anti bump has the same features six pin hardened pins, anti-pick and anti-drill on top of this the barrel also has an anti snap, with an automatic pin which triggers and blocks the cylinder. The barrels are corrosion tested to BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 3 and have been independantly tested to meet BS EN 1303:2005 accredited to TS007 3* with a BSI Kitemark licence number 5530301, and are designed to the requirements of PAS24. With a fire test to BS 476 FD30 and EN 1634 FD30, and cycle tested to 100,000 which means if you unlocked the door 6 times a day the barrel would last over 45 years.

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Thumb Turn

Thumb turn barrels are a variation of the standard barrels but have an internal section that does not require a key to be used. These are perfect for porches for ease of use. Thumb turn barrels are also required to be used for HMO properties under the fire regulation section.

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