Standard Window
Mechanical Parts

Standard Casements

A major part of an opening window is the hinge as this is the most used mechanical part of a window, and the most open to the elements which is why Windows Plus Online only uses hinges (friction stays) manufactured from stainless steel with the life cycle of the hinges (friction stay) being tested to a 30,000 cycle guarantee. If you open and closed your windows 4 times a day the hinge would last over 20 years.

Hinges have been tested to meet the requirements of BS 5588-1:190. An additional feature by ordering with Windows Plus Online is that all side openers are fitted with Document B (see here) fire Safety to meet the 2006 edition. Part of the designer makes this easy to differentiate if you have achieved the relative window appropriate dimension an F will appear within the digital drawing. Top hung windows never achieve this guidance and cannot be used for as a fire escape but can improve the condition in certain circumstances.

Espagnolette locking mechanism and shoot bolt locking is an option. Under a technical basis this is quite an interesting subject. The shoot bolt was introduced many years ago to offset the weakness in the framework profiles being used at this time. Profile 22 optima is one of the most structurally constructed profiles in the market place so eliminated the need for shoot bolts.

Windows Plus Online offers the additional upgrade relative to your own preference. The espagnolette bar used as standard is made of a solid mild steel construction and is tested to BS1449 part 1, with a keep to suit fully locked or night locking facility.

Windows Plus Online does not recommend easy clean hinges due to how difficult there are to open in a straight manner so not to twist the hinge. The easy clean hinge in manufactured in stainless steel and uses and have a release button.

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Below you will find the technical documentation which relates to the uPVC window mechanical specification.