Tilt and Turn Window
Mechanical Parts

Tilt and turn window mechanisms are different to standard windows. The movement instead of opening outwards, the tilt and turn will tilt in and swing in. It is unusual for tilt and turns to be installed into normal homes because of the windows opening in. This type of window is mainly used on 3rd floor or above (blocks of high rise flats) for safety of leaning out to close the window, and wind pressures whipping the window away from you.

The mechanism is manufactured using solid mild steel tested to BS1449 part 1, a major part of the window is the mechanism. All of Windows Plus Online mechanics have been tested to 30,000 cycles guarantee, if you open and closed your windows 4 times and day the hinge would last over 20 years.

The hinges have been tested to meet the requirements of BS 5588-1:190. All tilt and turn mechanisms are manufactured to a vent weight of 130kg capacity almost double the weight of a standard piece of glass. An additional feature by ordering with Windows Plus Online is that all side openers are fitted with Document B (see here) fire Safety to meet the 2006 edition. Part of the designer makes this easy to differentiate if you have achieved the relative window appropriate dimension, an F will appear within the digital drawing.

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