Sliding Sash
Mechanical Parts

Sliding Sash

The main mechanical part for a vertical slider is the sash weight balances. Windows Plus Online supply these parts from ERA under the TrueGlide balances and are by far the best on the market.

The balances are manufactured in the UK in a dedicated facility and have a range weight between 3.6kg – 49.5kg. The balances are pre-tensioned and can be adjusted via a screwdriver for site adjustments. The combination of stainless steel rod tensions and twin spring provide an assisted lift with a smooth and easy operation. As the balance is an integral internal part there is limited weather concerns.

The balances have been used in the Windows Plus Online production for over 15 years and never failed, bringing great confidence in the product. The locking mechanism used is the Classic Cam lock and keep which is in keeping with the traditional look as these are part of the fab and fix range they will match perfectly with the rest of the property where Windows Plus Online windows and doors are fitted the locking can is corrosion tested to BSEB 1670:2007 grade 5 ( 480 hours )

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Below you will find the technical documentation which relates to the sliding sash mechanical specification.