uPVC Single Door
Profile Specification

Windows Plus Online manufactures all uPVC doors from Profile 22 optima range.


Profile 22 optima is a high-grade profile that is a fully-integrated 70mm system, available in both chamfered and sculptured variations and is used nationally all over the UK.

A chamfered frame is a more traditional look and is the design used when uPVC doors were first developed. Sculptured uPVC doors were added around 2005 as a more modern look when the extrusion process evolved.

The profile 22 optima system meets all requirements for thermal efficiency as standard, and a wealth of intelligent design features have been added in the development of the profile. Standardly having 6 thermal chambers, Windows Plus Online uses RCM as standard, this increases the chambers to 8, which is market leading in thermal efficiency and structural rigidity. There is also strategic local wall thickening, used to increase the two external faces durability, and within the extruded components for better hardware retention and screw grip where required.

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The door panels supplied from Windows Plus Online are manufactured using the latest technology and are formed using a vacuum process. Using the VEKA 151 panel there is no doubt the world renown recognised suppliers, and are by far the best on the market. The uPVC skins are pressed with 3.5 tons per SQM to a core of E.H.D.N polystyrene, and a central MDF reinforcement as standard. The process makes the panels resistant to heat and moisture, and the core materials are free from CFCs.

If you choose to have a coloured panel, this process is completed by using the latest machinery, making sure that this reduces the chances of damages to the panel and reducing the probability of foreign contaminations to next to zero. These bring a consistent application of the 2 pack system using an epoprime epoxy primer, which facilitates the use of dispersion glue. The foil is lined with a holt melt adhesive using a specifically designed application pad, increasing the quality to be second to none. The panels are then checked via an inspection machine for any distortions.


With profile 22 optima gaskets are co-extruded as part of the extrusion process, meaning there is never shrinkage, in turn improving the longevity of the door sash in heat efficiency and weather tightness.

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A door has a selection of varied options. Windows Plus Online uses the design relative to the application. All doors with midrails are supplied with a medium size of 84mm unless a letterplate is selected, then this is automatically changed to 120mm to allow for the letterplate to be fitted. If side panels have been selected and they are below a certain size of approx. 350mm then the midrails will be mechanically jointed as opposed to welded due to machine limitations.


Profile 22 optima has an extensive range of frame packers (sometime referred to as knock-ons or add-ons), giving you confidence every configuration can be addressed. As part of this Windows Plus Online adds a frame packer to the hinge side of an open in plastic door, which allows for hinges to clear any internal plaster line. Bridging packers for the glass units are provided free of charge with all items manufactured at Windows Plus Online to make sure the glass has a free flow of air around the unit.

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Internal Bead

All windows and doors from the profile 22 optima range are manufactured as standard to be internal glazed, adding security and ease of fitting. In addition to this the window have been security passed and are ready for proposed enhancements to PAS 24.

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Below you will find the technical documentation which relates to the uPVC single door profile.

Building Regulations and Certification

Profile 22 optima meets all requirements not only for UK and European building regulations, under instruction profile 22 optima can be manufactured to conform to Document Q approval, PAS 24 approved, Secured by Design solutions. All items are British Standards group approved, under ISO 9001 / ISO14001 / OHSAS18001, profile 22’s commitment to responsible sourcing BES6001 licence produces all this, put together reflects the commitment to quality and increases the supply chain’s open and honest approach.

For more information, please see the building regulations page.