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Opening a Windows Plus Online account will give you access to your account area, and is the perfect way to keep a record of any order placed with us. You will be able to track current orders, view past ones, save any new quotes. You will be able to leave a review on our page for products purchased. We will also be able to keep you up-to-date with any new products that are available.

Trade Account

A Windows Plus Online trade account is purposely designed for trade customers. With a trade account you will have access to your own personal CRM system, keeping track or all you quotes (including quotes you give your customers, which can be personalised to show your company logo and pricing), all printable. Your orders placed and previous orders will all be stored, and you will be able to see the progress of your orders through the stages in our factory to delivery or collection. You will be updated with new products or any special offers available. A personalised discount will be placed on your account for all orders once the account is verified.

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As you are creating a Windows Plus Online trade account, our team will need to verify you are a legitimate company. Only one number is required but more numbers will increase the speed of your verification. If you cannot provide any trade numbers, please indicate below and continue with the registration. You will receive a call from our dedicated trade team to complete the verification process.