Bi-Folding Door
Profile Specification


Windows Plus Online manufactures all bi-fold doors using the AluK range of aluminium the optio bsf70 bi-fold. The door has been designed to be able to meet the PAS 24 certification and have been certified to a secure by design scheme.

Most bi-fold doors on the open market are not tested to such high standards to prove the quality of the product. AluK put this to the fore-front of its quality assurances, when an AlUK bi-fold door is fully assembled it is water tight to Class 9A (600pa) and has a wind load of Class AE2400 (2400 Pa) the tests prove to be some of the highest quality currently available.

The doors have been tested to a cycle of 50,000 and the leaf size can be a maximum of 1200mm and 2400mm height with a weight test of 100kg per sash. Giving unparallel design options. There is a thermal break in all sections of the frame and sash work achieving a u value of 1.4.

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